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History 10th century, mentioned by the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII

Porphyrogenitus, but the first mention of Lastovo is tied for 1000 year. In order to protect free passage to the Mediterranean and in retaliation for attacks by rampaging merchants on the Venice, the Venetian Doge Pietro Orseolo II. destroyed the fort and the town of Lastovo.
The island has been inhabited from the beginning of Illyrian and Greek pottery finds indicate that the island was one of the Greek trade routes on the Adriatic Sea and, according to some authors, was part of the Greek colony of Issa, which is the center had on the island of Vis, [3].
During the 13th century, precisely during the period of the 1252nd the 1254th The LONG, after promises to the inhabitants of Lastovo be allowed to retain their traditional customs, voluntarily joined the Dubrovnik Republic, and the organization of life on Lastovo 1310th The statute was amended in writing that it had all the features of the law. The executive power in the village and the island had potknez with three judges, who are elected by residents themselves.
After the 28th Dubrovnik February 1358th free veincijanskog protectorate, King Ludwig I. He was awarded the exclusive right to Lastovo. In 1486 lastovska the Assembly lost its legislative role that has taken the Republican Council, and the old rules are no longer regularly used. Such limitation of government on the island as arbitrary ordering additional burden the residents of Dubrovnik authorities resulted in a brief rebellion that broke out 1602nd year. The revolt was violently put down in blood. At the invitation of the rebels 1603rd Lastovo in the eyemuseology movement anticipated Venice, but in 1606th was returned to Dubrovnik.
1652nd years, there was a new attempt at rebellion. Republic is Lastovska council ordered to repay the 200 ducats which the municipality spent in a lawsuit against Venice in an effort to defending the sovereignty of the island Sušac. Lastovo, which by some estimates at that time had more than 1,000 residents, because again offered Venice, but Venice has refused the offer, which was the main reason not to come to a new rebellion. With these rebellions Lastovoabout lost autonomy and became part of the Dubrovnik Republic and became subject to its regulations.
Napoleon's troops 27th svibnja 1806th The fraud included in the previously free to Dubrovnik and gradually occupy the entire territory of the Republic, which is completely dissolved 31st siječnja 1808th year. After that, the French built a fort on the island of Lastovo Glavica on the hill. The villagers were organized into the National Guard, and for his defense of Englishmen, take their boats. The English, however, attack with Visa, 28siječnja 1813th Lastovo and took him under his government retained until 16 srpnja 1815th year, when he was in line with the decision of the Congress of Vienna Austria surrendered.
Since 1818th The Lastovo had the status of surrounding Dubrovnik district, and the judiciary was independent of Korcula, but the courts ceased to work 1829th year when he became part of Korcula Lastovo administration.
11th November 1918. He started the Italian occupation of Lastovo, which was the result of the secret Treaty of London, signedSanogo 26th travnja 1915th years between Italy and the Entente. Rapalskim contract 12th studenog 1920th Kingdom of Italy annexed Lastovo and included it in Zadar environment. The Italian rule over Lastovo was a significant suppression of national identity, an obvious population growth, accelerated construction and improvement of living standards. The Italian government over the island ended on 8 September 1943. After the capitulation of Italy [4]